26. April 2018

Eyelash Extensions

Extend Your Eyelashes with Our Semi-Permanent Extensions in Singapore

Enhance your natural beauty and accentuate your features at Beauty Brow. Our eyelash extensions are a low maintenance, cost-effective alternative to mascara. They are a modern, semi-permanent makeup technique that adds instant volume and length to your lashes.

Top quality eyelash extensions

At Beauty Brow, we only use high-performance products and equipment at our salon. Made from synthetic mink, our eyelash extensions are extremely natural-looking and will blend perfectly into your existing lashes. They are specially designed to highlight and define your eyes, giving them a softer, more feminine look. To keep our extensions in place, we use medical grade adhesives that are durable, safe to use and won’t damage your real lashes.

The procedure

Our beauticians will create the look you desire in a warm, inviting salon environment. They will draw up a unique design to suit your eye shape and personal preferences. Whether you prefer a dramatic or more subtle effect, we can enhance your overall appearance using this cutting-edge technique. By carefully applying single synthetic eyelashes to your own lashes, our beauty therapists will add instant depth and definition to your eyes. Throughout this process, they use a bonding agent to ensure that your extensions hold firmly in place.

To maintain your look and replace lashes that have grown out naturally, we recommend that you pop into our salon for follow-up treatments every two to three weeks.

Book an appointment today

Transform your appearance with our non-invasive, semi-permanent makeup and beauty treatments. Call us on 64698922 to make a booking for our eyelash extension procedures in Singapore. If you have any questions about Beaute Brow, you can also contact us through our website or pop into our salon.