22. September 2018

Facial Treatment

Facial treatment is vital to one’s overall health & well being. Besides caring for your skin, you can gather useful tips on how to care for your skin from our experienced beauticians. A healthy glow works more than skin deep as it also allows you to feel calmer and better about yourself. More importantly, we can reverse your skin from dehydration and treat your problem skin conditions like uneven pigmentation, fine lines, pimples and opened pores. You will be pleased with how taut and smooth your skin feels after going through our facial therapy. Ask about our pigmentation and face lifting treatments. They are popular with our customers in Singapore.

Beaute Brow has facial programs that specifically tailor to different skin
problems. Two of the highlights are

(1)SpaLite &
(2)Acu-Pa Face Lift

both of which help to lift and firm up the skin.

1. SpaLite


Come & experience it first hand! No hard sell, No hidden fine print!

SpaLite provides a comprehensive 6-in-1 treatment of:

1) Whitening
2) Lifting & Firming
3) Acne
4) Pigmentation
5) Wrinkles
6) Enlarged pores

SpaLite works by delivering multiple pulses of light energy rapidly onto the skin. This energy gets absorbed & converted into heat energy which helps to breakdown excessive melanin under our skin surface. In addition, SpaLite also stimulates the production of collagen, helping to firm up the skin. Acne outbreak becomes less frequent too because SpaLite is able to control the sebaceous gland, regulating oil secretion.

Check Out Our Signature Facial Therapy

We offer signature facial therapy using combined formula that promotes new cell growth so that your skin produces more collagen thus, firming up your skin. Most of our facials are suitable for all skin types, including people with sensitive skin. These facials are great quick perk me ups before a grand occasion such as a wedding or party function. Take for example, Acu-Pa Face Lift that we offer. We use TCM massage actions to aid blood circulation and to bring relief to stressed out skin that is suffering from a serious outbreak or general sagging. It also helps to improve puffy eyes condition. The whole treatment ends with the application of a special mask.

No more panda eyes plus a radiant looking skin.

2. Acu-Pa Face Lift

For those who prefers the traditional method of facial treatment, Acu-Pa Face Lift not only enhances lifting and firming, it also helps to dispel the toxins accumulated in our body. One immediate benefit beside face lifting is the reduction of eyebags. The treatment outcome is distinctly visible plus it also helps to relief stress & chronic discomfort.